Anatomy of Facebook: 4 Degrees of Separation

In two studies about Facebook Anatomy, it is stated that FB has only 4 Degrees of Separation (instead of traditional small world 6 degrees)

But what I’ve found really interesting is that, nevertheless, it still remains a local network. It is becoming more and more global, shrinking over the years through growing connections, but in the meanwhile it remains local in distribution of friends’ age and spatial localization. That is: I’ve got more and more FB connections, but they remains of the same age of me and of the same area. A smaller world’s view into a small world?

J. Ugander, B. Karrer, L. Backstrom, C. Marlow.

The Anatomy of the Facebook Social Graph,

L. Backstrom, P. Boldi, M. Rosa, J. Ugander, S. Vigna.

Four Degrees of Separation,



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